Diploma Theses


Supervisor: P. Marinos


• Study of flysch behaviour in a tectonic environment for tunnel design. Examples from the Egnatia Motorway

Petros Fortsakis, 2004

• The engineering behaviour of gneissic rock mass during the excavations of tunnels. Engineering geology characteristics and temporarily support measures

Konstantinos Kiamos, 2004

• From the geological model, to the rockmass model and to the design. Methodology of engineering geology evaluation for urban tunnelling under poor geological conditions. The example of Attiko Metro, Section Botanikos  – Ag. Savvas.

Natassa Romossiou, 2004



Supervisor: G. Tsiambaos


• Slope stability analysis. The case of landslides in the national road Pounta-Kalavryta.

Ilias Diplas, 2004

• Excavation by using conventional methods and support measures of tunnels in flysch formation. From the geological data to the rock mass model and the design. The case of Egnatia motorway.

George Prountzopoulos, 2004

• Mechanical characteristics of gneissic rocks and the effect of their anisotropy.

Christos Papadopoulos, 2003

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