Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies

Design and Construction of Underground Structures 


Computational Methods in the Design of Underground Structures

Instructor: Μ. Κavvadas


Design of Underground Works

Instructors: P. Marinos, V. Papadopoulos


Engineering Geology for Underground Works

Instructor: P. Marinos (with co-instructor Ι. Koumantakis)


Geotechnical Instrumentation

Instructor: V.N. Georgiannou


Seismic Design for Tunnels

Instructors: G. Bouckovalas, G. Gazetas


Shallow Tunnels: Retaining Structures and Deformations at Ground Surface

Instructors: Α. Αnagnostopoulos, V. Papadopoulos


Site Investigation Methods

Instructors: G. Tsiambaos, Α. Αnagnostopoulos (with co-instructor S. Stamataki)


Mechanized Tunneling

Instructor: P. Marinos (with co-instructors C. Efremidis, G. Panagiotou)


Tunnel Portals – Slope Stability

Instructors: G. Tsiambaos, M. Pantazidou



Interdisciplinary Program of Postgraduate Studies

Structural Design and Analysis of Structures


Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Instructors: G. Gazetas, G. Bouckovalas


Applications of Geotechnics in Structural Design

Instructors: Ι. Protonotarios, V.N. Georgiannou


Design of Underground Structures

Instructor: Μ. Κavvadas



Interdisciplinary – Interdepartmental Program of

Postgraduate Studies

Water Resources Science and Technology


Remediation of Contaminated Sites 

Instructor: Μ. Pantazidou  (with co-instructors N. Papasiopi, Α. Xenidis)

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