Diploma Theses


Supervisor: M. Pantazidou


  • Selection of Technologies for Construction Quality Control and Monitoring of Landfill Bottom Liners

Elina Koutsogiannopoulou, 2007

  • Landfill Bottom Liners: Design Criteria and Evaluation Methods for Subsurface Protection

Kyriakos Kandris, 2008

  • Bioreactor Landfills: Evolution and Simulation of Settlements

Anastasia Krassou, 2009

  • Comparative Presentation and Analysis of Field-scale Applications of Bioremediation through Anaerobic Reductive Dechlorination

Vasiliana Zikidi, 2010

  • Identification and Assessment of Potentially Contaminated Sites in Greece: An Application for the Paper and Paint Industries

Konstantina Pitsaki, 2010

  • Permeable Reactive Barriers for Groundwater Remediation: Full-scale Applications and Assessment of Alternative Designs

Alexandros Psomas, 2010

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