Diploma Theses


Supervisor: George Bouckovalas


Ø Seismic response of sites improved with gravel piles

Marios Kiriakides, 2004

Ø Dynamic properties and liquefaction evaluation for sand-gravel mixtures

Niki Fanouraki, 2004

Ø A new analytical method for the design of steel pipelines at active fault crossings

Dimitris Karamitros, 2004



Supervisor: George Gazetas


Ø Analysis of two bridge failures in Kobe-1995 and the role of soil

Ioannis  Anastasopoulos, 1999


Ø Asymmetric sliding and overturning from near-fault ground shaking

Evangelia Garini, 2003


Ø Wave scattering phenomena in two characteristic valleys, and soil-structure interaction analysis

Fani  Gelagoti, 2004

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